About Ryan and Nicole

        I'll keep this brief and with lots of pics, cause everyone knows that beats reading a long paragraph anytime.

Here's Nicole and I paying the price for our cheap seats in the sun by sweating 
it out at a Ranger's game. I was there for the A's though, (sorry Rangers 
fans) I know Nicole loves baseball somewhere deep down.               

My wife Nicole and I. We've been married since May 2016! She's awesome, if you don't know her already. We're living in Plano TX right now, close to the Collin Spring creek campus, but also not too far from Preston Ridge Campus in Frisco and Central Park Campus in McKinney.

 This is our first, Louie. He's a German Shorthaired Pointer, has more energy and disregard for pleasing humans than any dog I've met, but he's also really sweet, got tons of personality, and he's our little buddy, so we think it evens out.

He's also not incredibly picky about where he takes his naps:

Nicole has been working for some time now as a manager at Emler Swim School, a company across DFW that does Swim lessons from ages 6 months an up! She's incredibly good at her job, and loves getting to work with so many kids and families that come there.

I've tinkered around with woodworking here and there for the past few years for fun, and now am doing it more regularly as a way to bring in some extra income as a minister. Here's a recent table on the right. So if you or anyone you know needs some custom furniture built, let's talk!


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