Helpful Definitions

Hey all, this is a list of some common terms that we use within our ministry that are helpful I think in understanding
more of what I'll be talking about in the blog. In general I try to make what you read fairly accessible without this,
but I think you'll find it helpful, if nothing else but to get a better picture of why we have these things. 

TNF - Thursday Night Focus: our large group meeting every week. This is not meant to be the main thing that 
happens in our ministry every week, we really try to make that the 1-1 meet ups and bible studies that go on 
between our students and with our students and staff, but we certainly use this time ever week to come together 
and celebrate God and what he's been doing in our lives each week. 

Cores - Gender specific small groups let by two student leaders. This is a place where the downside of a large
 ministry starts to be addressed. These are meant to function as a place for new people to come and find people 
to live life with. They serve to get some of those relationships started and make it easy to find people to study the 
Bible with 1-1 or spend time with throughout the week. They're meant to function as mini-communities within the 
larger community. 

Corefa - Student leading a core (Core Facilitator). Each core has two corefas, which provides an opportunity for 
those two student leaders to build a unique friendship and work together with someone else on mission with God. 

Peer Team - the corefas that I meet with weekly throughout the year. Every corefa on our team has 1-1 meetings 
with a staff member each week to build a friendship, talk over things happening in their life and with their 
relationships with God and people. 

FOJ - This is a 1-1 Bible study we invite students to do and they invite each other to do in order to bring people
 into real relationships that are meaningful, while you pursue God and grow in your faith together. This is a huge 
part of our ministry, and really what we try to emphasize the most, because we've seen just how valuable it is for
so many people. 


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