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Year end updates, on to summer!

Hey all,
Lot's to update you on in the past couple months! We're in the middle of a lot of changes right now, and I'll get to that soon but first, here's some news on what's been happening lately!

Big things recently:Last of the meetings with my guys for the yearEvery year I get to meet with a group of our guy student leaders every week, which is called my "Peer Team" for the year. It's one of my absolute favorite parts of my job every year. I love getting to get to know these guys, share Jesus and scripture with them, learn from them, and mentor them as we live life together for a year in the ministry. Sometimes I get to meet with the same guys for multiple years, but we won't know that till later this summer when we decide on our leader team for next year, so for now it's a time to say bye for now as these guys end their semesters and their time on the leader team closes until next semester or whatever they have next. It's bittersweet, …

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