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It's about LIFE

The title of this post, "It's about LIFE" is taken from the lectures of Rikk Watts, a Biblical Scholar and professor who graced us with his presence and teaching out at our Winter Camp this past weekend. (Yes I'm still sleepy from camp) It seemed appropriate to use that title as I reflected on this past weekend, but also on the privilege of ministry in general. Despite the difficulties, the increasing hostility towards a christian worldview on the college campus, the long hours, the inevitable pain of people who you minister to and share life with turning away and rejecting you or the faith, the outlook we have can be anchored by something much less transitory than the circumstances of any given week. That outlook of life, abundant life, being always on offer from Jesus as he talks about in John 10 and elsewhere.  Which leads me to the reflection that one of the most oxymoronic things for us should be being a pessimistic or hopeless christian. We have a much different

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