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Winter Camp 2018 was this past weekend!!

Around 650 students from across all the FOCUS campuses made it this year, and even some visitors from campuses outside DFW!

God blessed us with Geoff and Jessica Mumley as our speakers this year at camp, who came down from our sister ministry CTF up in Bellingham, WA where we send our SICM students every year for training.

I've heard nothing but hugely positive things from our students, and this year felt very special. Geoff and Jessica taught our students on this theme we've been focusing on this year of being sent. They did a great job, and I'm confident God's spirit was working through them to bring realization of just how important and neat our part in being kingdom bringers to those around us is.


What you don't see in these pictures is so much of what's so important about this camp. The hearts of people in the community being opened up to worship God in fresh ways; a growing desire in student's and staff's…

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