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Blog Update

Hey guys, this month I wanted to take some time and give you some insight into one of the outreach events we did recently. Outreach is a time for us to engage the student body at large and offer friendship and invitations to people who stop and engage with us. This year we've been able to do a LOT of this at UNT thanks to a generous donor who gave us a large donation specifically for our outreach at UNT. 
This was a campaign we did on our UNT campus for a couple of weeks this past month. We had two tents back to back, and in the first tent there was a mirror with the question "what do you see" on it, with a marker so that students could write down phrases connected to how they view themselves. The second tent had a big mirror with "what does God see" written at the top and scriptures that remind people how God views them and their worth in him. This went so well! We would stand at the end of the tents and talk to the people who came throug…

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