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Summer Updates

Hey all,
It's been a little while since I last sent out an update, I hope this one finds you all well and COVID free. As we're all well aware, life is still happening despite all of the changes, and I wanted to update you on what ministry has been like for these past couple months.

Virtual/in person. We've been blessed to be able to continue doing ministry given the technology that we have. Dallas is a hotspot for Covid-19 cases, but in the midst of that, we've been able to continue to reach out to students. It has definitely been more difficult. Our students feel like so many people right now - isolated. So it makes phone calls, streaming of worship services and preaching, and interactions that we can safely have in person so much more meaningful. It's in these times I'm reminded of how good we normally have it and how much of that we take for granted.  

2. Student Leadership Training: We normally send a group of students up to Washington state this time of yea…

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