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Hey all,

Welcome back, hope this update finds you all well!

We're about mid way through this spring semester for our students in Denton, and there's been some really neat things going on.

We've been talking about dating and relationships in our Friday Night Fellowship meetings the past few weeks. This is probably obviously a pretty timely topic for a lot of our students. Many of them are making decisions on dating and how to go about that in a Godly way, and so we're spending some time engaging with scripture on how to treat people, how to seek wisdom in our decisions, and how to have accountability and openness in our relationships so that we honor our other members of the community in how we go about this.

We also just had our family night a few weeks ago. This is something we do every year to have a time where parents and family can come and see firsthand a little bit of  what the ministry does in their student's life. 
This semester's Pizza Theology was ove…

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