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Good News and Baby Days

  This semester is off to such an encouraging start!! Thank you guys so much for the prayers and support you've been giving, this semester has been very exciting so far. We've been able to meet so many new students, and a lot of them have quickly gotten involved in community and started studying the Bible with people. It's really seemed like since we got back on campus people have bene very receptive and interested in friendship and community, so praise God for that! We've been going through the gospel of John in our Thursday night fellowships for our sermon series. (See picture below - packed house!) Part of what we wanted to do was have the entirety of one gospel read out loud at our Thursday night fellowships so that people who show up can hear all of a gospel by the end of semester. It's been really neat to have a chance to let the words of God given to us in this gospel be a springboard for conversations in our times together every week. Many students come in w

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