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October Updates

  October is here and we are gearing up for fall camp! This upcoming weekend is our annual fall camp, and we are very excited for this. We didn't get to do one last year due to COVID so there's two years worth of students who will get to experience this weekend away with their new community for the first time. Please be praying it goes well, this can often be a groundbreaking time where people feel much more connected and included into the family of believers here at Denton FOCUS. Time and time again, we've seen this inclusion into community be the beginning of peoples lives turning towards Jesus and we are praying for more of those stories to come out of this year's camp and the subsequent weeks.  Other than that, these past few weeks have been pretty normal. I'm getting weekly time with the student leaders and getting to know them/mentor them in their faith. 1-1 Bible studies are also well on their way now, as students have started being more committed and consist

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