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On to the Dog Days

I love summer. The days are long, the students that are around are usually more free to spend time with, my schedule is a little more flexible since the semester being over frees us up to plan things as we need to. Fundraising is a main priority, and if you're reading this you most likely are a part of the team of people that support me in college missions and have a heart for seeing students come to know Jesus through this ministry, so summer is a time to reflect on the gratitude I feel for you guys, and for what all God did in the year prior. We also get time to plan and strategize for the next year. Think through what was successful in our ministry this past year that we can keep or build on, and also try and discern what changes might need to be made in order to better serve the needs of ministry at our different campuses.

This summer is also a time to bond as a staff team. Sounds like maybe a peripheral priority at first thought, but I'm recently reminded of the incredibl…

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