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Winter Retreat!

We're fresh off of another successful Winter Camp/Retreat! We got a chance to get all the hundreds of students across all of our campuses together for a long weekend of worship, teaching, games and camp food! This year our theme at camp was over 1 John. Light and life from 1 John. It was a great opportunity to encourage and challenge us all with our relationship with God and each other before going out onto the campus for the spring.  We're using the gospel of Luke as a springboard for our sermon series in Denton this semester. Each week we will focus on a story or parable from the gospel of Luke and teach through the ideas within it. So far we've only met one time but it was a super energizing service. I think everyone was still excited coming back from camp which was awesome, the room was packed and worship was beautiful.  We're in the process now of figuring out who we are going to be taking up to SICM in May for our annual leadership conference. Please join us in pr

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