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Student Institute of Campus Ministry

 Hey everyone! I hope your summer has started off right! I wanted to update you all on what has been going on in our Denton ministry lately! SICM A couple of weeks ago we were able to return to our yearly ministry conference in Bellingham WA. We typically take around a hundred students up there to be trained for campus ministry with a group called Campus Christian Fellowship. They've been doing campus ministry for over 50 years and we have been so blessed to be able to partner with them every year to learn from them and equip a new group of students to come back and be evangelists on their campuses. It's hard to overstate how impactful this trip usually is on our students. Year after year when we take people, we see the fruit of their growth on the campuses next year as they come back and are energized and equipped to meet students on campus and invite them to follow Jesus.  Here's the group of students we took this year! They are from all of our campuses. Denton, Dallas, A

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