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This is the time of year that the community often starts to feel like family to each other. Winter Camp has come and gone, filled with so much of God working (which I'll get to shortly) and cores have been meeting together and sharing life in that group and 1-1 in Bible studies for half of a year now, and the relationships are deepening. It's a time to start looking more outward, to bring new students into what these students have been building with each other. Along with families though, as we all know, comes a fair share of challenges, which I'll share some of those in the prayer request section down below. But first, winter camp!

Briefly, in case you don't know, Winter Camp is our yearly camp with all of our campuses together. It falls on the first weekend of school starting back up, and it's four days together worshiping God, learning about scripture, and having fun together. This year some 500+ students gathered from across DFW to learn about Psalms, and it wa…

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