June Update (Happenings from May)

Hey All!

Lots to share with you this post. The apprenticeship is officially over. Thank you guys for being a part of this past year with me, and for supporting me so well! We had our end of the year sermons that we give to the rest of the staff and Apprentices this past Tuesday and Wednesday where we get to share with everyone there the ways God has been working in our lives this year. It was such an encouraging time and I'm super thankful for those people who I've had the chance to work alongside this past year.

Even though the Apprenticeship is over, I'll still be continuing on staff next year. I am excited to continue working at Collin and getting to still do campus ministry. So for the next couple months before school starts, I'll be working to get fully fundraised for next year, meeting with students who are in town for the summer, planning and adjusting for Collin Focus next year, and building better relationships with our Collin team. Please continue to pray for those things over the next couple months. Pray that God will guide my support raising so that I can continue to work full time next year, and if you know of anyone who might be excited to be a part of campus ministry, please send me an email at ryan@anyfocus.org.

May started off with our end of the year banquet at Collin. This was a neat time where we got to get both our Preston Ridge and Spring Creek Collin ministries together to look back on the year, praise God together, honor our student leaders and of course, take a bunch of pictures. 

The next week myself, Pedro, Shayla and a bunch of other staff people from the other campuses took about 100 of our students up to Washington for SICM, where we spent a week with them as they got to go to classes all week long learning about discipleship, student ministry, and many other things that equip them to come back to their campuses next year and minister to their peers as student leaders. I can't stress enough to importance of this trip for our students. The students that we send to this are people who have shown initiative and love for God and we want to give them the opportunity to learn how to join God on their campuses. It's a long week, they are in classes Sunday through Monday mostly all day, but we also get to take them to a few places to sightsee before and after the classes, which is so fun. This year was a great trip, praise God everyone got back safely. Here's a few pictures from that trip. 

This is from the weekly meeting of the student ministry in Washington who hosts the leadership conference every year. It's so neat to see God working on other campuses like this and get to have a partnership with these awesome folks.

A bunch of our students from SICM.  

A group of our students from Collin at the U.S. Canada Border 
We still get to see a bunch of our students over the summer at Summer Focus, where all the campuses get together once a week on Thursday nights to praise God together and fellowship, so that's a highlight of the week for me during the summer. Pray for these students to still be purposeful in their friendships and reaching out during this summer even though classes are out!

 Thank you guys again for your support this year. I'm excited to hear from you, so please reach out and let me know how things are going for you. I love hearing from you guys.

In Christ,


  1. Hey Ryan! Congrats on surviving the apprenticeship. I'm excited you're sticking around and staying on our staff for a while. I love the SICM pics and wish I could have been there with you!


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