The Beat of a Different Drum

Hello all!

Another school year has come to a close here, and this one marks the end of working at the Collin Campuses and moving over to work at UNT TWU and NCTC in Denton. More on that to come in the next few months, but first let me update you guys on some of what's been going on here the last couple months.

The three pictures above are from an outreach time at our Spring Creek Collin College campus. Our outreach time there has been particularly strong the past few weeks, as the students have really taken that on and have been showing up. This was a day where we were outside talking to students and inviting them to come hang out with us and have conversation. This has been a successful way over and over of getting past people's initial hesitancy to engage in something more serious right off the bat, and has led to a lot of people coming into community where they can start studying the bible and joining a small group led by our student leaders. God has been sending us a lot of people, and we're thankful he's entrusting us with being a part of their spiritual growth!

 This last week was SICM. In case you didn't know this is a huge annual trip we take up to Bellingham WA to train and equip our new student leaders for the next year. They spend a week in classes about discipleship, spiritual friendships, leading small groups, and evangelism. This is SO SO important for the ministry, and we are so thankful we get to take them up there and get this time with them. This year I stayed  with a bunch of our UNT students, which was so helpful, giving me a chance to get to know a lot of them in the evenings after we came back from our classes, and really got me even more excited for working with them and the rest of our students and staff at our Denton campuses this upcoming school year.

A huge theme that week is them learning to redeem the focus of their life and place that focus on Jesus and the great commission to go out and make and mature disciples. We don't want this to just be something they do in FOCUS during college, but a lifestyle they take with them the rest of their lives into their neighborhoods and workplaces. College is just a few years, so this stuff they're learning is meant to prepare them and be a springboard for the rest of their lives.

This is a picture during the prayer on the last day prayed over each of the different students from different campuses, asking God to be with them and lead them as they go back to their campuses. 

Minus a few, these are the awesome people I get to work with at Collin, and honestly my dear friends, and I'm so thankful for them. 
The last evening of SICM we get to have a barbecue celebration to cap off the week at a beautiful lake up in Washington.
In other areas of life, our lil guy Louie turned a year old this month. He's not so little any more but Nicole and I love this little loser. 

Thank you guys for investing in the vision of equipping college students to go out and make disciples who are 100% sold out for Jesus. Can't say thank you enough. 


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