August 2018


It's been a busy month!! The transfer to the Denton campuses went smoothly, and Nicole and I are settling in to our new home.

August meant a lot of excitement, and I mainly just wanted to share a lot of pictures that give you an idea of what has been going on in the ministry. All the new students move into their dorms, and we get to be there to help them and greet them and offer them friendship.

Some of our students who were on the move in crew. Me in the background doing who knows what.
Two of our apprentices on the outside here, Brittany and Ryan, and a student leader of ours Nate in the middle. They did awesome work on move in day. 

Our first Friday Night Fellowship! 

Here's our staff team! Most of them anyways. Brittany, Brittany, and Reagann not pictured. 

NCTC!!!! This is one of our smaller communities at a local community college. It's so neat, and reminds me of working at Collin College. 

The first month is always exciting and challenging for us and the students, as we meet as many people as possible that are coming onto the campuses. Please be praying for our students that they will be faithful to continue reaching out and befriending the students they've met, and that those students would be open to that. 

Love you guys, thank you for your support and prayers. Please continue to let me know if there's anything that I can be praying for you guys for. 


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