Hello all

Welcome back! UNT, NCTC and TWU FOCUS' are in full swing! Heres a look into what's been going on in my ministry lately:

This year in addition to being at UNT, I've been overseeing our NCTC campus, which is in Corinth, just right outside of Denton. NCTC is a small community college, where Aaron and the rest of the Denton staff have been working and building community for the past 3 years. It's been really cool to see this community grow over the past few years. I got to be involved my last year as a student as we were starting a FOCUS there. The campus has really changed. The first few weeks we were there, getting students to engage and talk was pretty challenging. The culture of these small community college is very much that of where students come, go to class, and leave without interacting with other students. Since we've grown our community there this has started to change. Students are now able to join and feel a part of a group of people pursuing Jesus on campus. They're getting to study the Bible with each other, meet and discuss scripture, and play games and hangout together during their breaks. It's awesome to see. Thank you guys for supporting me and making things like this community possible for students.


These are all the guys I meet with weekly to mentor and disciple. They're 8 of our student leaders who have committed to this year of leading a small group and studying the Bible with the UNT, NCTC and TWU students in their group. They do about 10-15 hours voluntarily each week learning how to minister to their peers and building a family style group of other college guys that they can minister and pour into. I'm super thankful for them and their hard work, and love getting to pour into them.


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