SICM 2019

SICM 2019

When we last talked, I was wrapping up another school year, and packing and planning for our annual trip to Bellingham, WA for the Student Institute of Campus Ministry. It's tempting to say that these trips blur together for me at this point, (not in a bad way) and in some ways they do, but mostly they all have their own unique flavor and feel, mostly because they're each colored by a new cast of colorful characters, mostly in the way of the new group of students who go each year.

This year we had about 25 new students from our Denton campuses go with us and the students from other FOCUS campuses, which is really exciting. It was a really good crew. This trip isn't just a vacation, or some type of initiation to keep people around by bribing them with views like this: 

The students who go on these trips we fully expect this to be a turning point God uses in their life to begin their lives as disciple making Christians in their lives to come. It's a very very important week, and it's why we invest so much time and resources in it every year. We've seen it pay off for years and years.

A few of our students at our stop in Seattle on the way to Bellingham

Despite all the cool photos I could show you from the sightseeing day, this is the view most of the week. Students gathered, listening and learning from speakers who engage them on topics related to their growth and their ministry to others. 

A few more of our students after the fellowship worship meeting on Friday before we left. 

This is the Denton Staff for FOCUS this next year, minus Garrett, who went on a later SICM trip this year. Excited to work with these fine folks. Left half you might remmeber from this past year, but welcome Drew and Darby on the right!! They're answering God's call to relocate from our UTD team to our Denton team and we're extremely lucky to have them. 
Thank you for everything you do! Going in to the summer knowing all of you are supporting and praying is a huge blessing in my life. Thank you thank you thank you!


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