Taking Stock

Hey all,

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Wanted to share this at the beginning. Johnny's testimony is one of many not just in the minsitry, but around the world as people come to know who God is. They find Him to be a God of love and grace, despite all of our shortcomings. The Bible doesn't say that God was so angry with the world he had to lose his son for our sin, but rather God so loved the world that he gave his son. That is powerful. God being loving and merciful doesn't diminish our guilt, but rather how guilty we truly are only serves to highlight the profound inexplicable love it must take to do what God does for us all of the time.

This month we're going into the time of year where we celebrate the incarnation. As you do remember that powerful message. It's one you've heard, but don't let that stop you from hearing it again fresh. God so loved this world that he gave. Once we internalize that we begin to get an idea of how radically loving we should be towards those around us.

Prayer requests:

Pizza Theology this weekend. Mary Poplin is coming to talk to our students about the reality the world teaches us vs the reality the gospel teaches us. Pray for open minds and good note taking!

Cores: our student led small groups are still going strong, pray for the Spirit to be at work in those through the members of the core.

Fundraising. I'm getting closer to my goal for where I need to be at with fundraising! Pray for more people who would love to be part of the vision of reaching college students for Jesus!

Special Note:

We're about to start our annual Keep Focus Growing fundraiser! This is the time we take each year to raise enough money not only to keep things running around here, but also to raise enough to be able to be responsive to whatever next steps God may call us to take, without lack of money being a hindrance when that time comes!

Some of our generous donors have banded together this year and agreed to match up to $36,000 in total contributions during this campaign! That is so awesome and exciting. If we get up to that number in total contributions, they will kick in that additional $36,000, so please prayerfully consider contributing this year. Your first opportunity to do that will be on December 3rd


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