Advent: Hope for then, hope for now.

We've been doing a daily advent devotional through our social media for our students, with the goal of recapturing the essential part of the month every year, namely the amazing implications of the incarnation. God come down, making Himself vulnerable to fulfill His covenant with His people Israel, and to inaugurate the Kingdom of God being fulfilled on our earth.

Week 1 is on hope, both the hope that Israel had and the hope we now have for the day when Heaven and earth are joined in a new creation.

Week 2 is on peace. Biblical peace is more than a lack of conflict, but includes the added idea of wholeness and completeness, which is a much richer idea.

Week 3 is on love, displayed in the character of God throughout scripture and the apex being the incarnation.

Finally, week 4 is on joy. The deep seated place of contentedness and comfort that God offers his people who choose his joy regardless of suffering and situational variables.

I encourage you to join us and spend some time reflecting on these ideas this month too. Maybe think through some scriptures that speak to these and reflect on where you see them in your life now.

One of my Guys cores at our Christmas party. Love this crew, they're some solid guys who love Jesus well. 
One of the girls in the Texas Women's University core I co-led with Kristen for part of this semester got baptized after giving her life to Jesus a few weeks ago! This is right before. 
They're not ours! Nicole and I got to spend some time with family this Thanksgiving which we loved. These are my sister's kids, Maddie and Tori. We got to try our best to be the cool Uncle and Aunt for a couple days. 

 I'm praying for you guys during this time writing this, but please let me know if there are specific things I can be praying for!

Prayer requests:

  • Breaks can either be really good or really difficult for our students, whether because of family difficulties, the lack of being around community or just lack of discipline to stay connected to God during the free time. Please be praying for our students and staff over the break that it would be a really good and helpful break, and that we would be faithful to be with God and serving others around us in our time over the break. 
  • Along those lines, Nicole and I are going to be driving up to Chicago next week to spend a few days there enjoying some time together and exploring that area. Prayers for that trip to be rejuvenating, restful, and a great time to grow our relationship are much appreciated!
SPECIAL NOTE: For those of you that prayed and/or gave for our Keep Focus Growing campaign this month THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! You have been so generous over and over and it never goes without saying to say thank you one more time. God was so good to us to give us a network of amazing people like you.


  1. You are so very welcome.

    Anthony has grown so much in all aspects of his life with your mentoring.

    Save travels

    Additional blessings coming your way.

    Gary Ucella


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