Mid way through another fall semester of campus ministry at UNT and TWU! Small cores capped at six and meeting outside socially distanced has been working well for us this semster! We were blessed with a large number of student leaders this year so the amount of people we're able to reach through these small groups has been really encouraging and awesome to hear about. 

We had a virtual pizza theology this past month, over the topic of "In it not of it, how to think like a Christian in our society." With all the heated perspectives being advanced in front of the election this year, we wanted to give our students a space to reflect on some of the key parts of our role as disciples trying to navigate living for Jesus in a society that is in a tumultuous place in some ways. While we missed having a chance to do all of that in person like we normally do, we're finding these alternative virtual methods something to be thankful for nonetheless. 

Here's a student testimony from this month and some prayer requests for this season of campus ministry. 

I've been reflecting quite a bit on the tendency I feel towards criticism and self righteousness in many areas of my life, particularly on controversial topics and things I disagree with people on. The Jesus portrayed in the gospel challenges me to consider the people who I am critical of and on "opposite sides" of as humans made in the image of God, and therefore the people with whom I "turn the other cheek"  and "walk an extra mile." It's the upside down acts like this that have to start with a heart that views them like Jesus does and I'm asking him to renew my heart in that way. If you reflect and find similar patterns in your thoughts towards others, I invite you to pray with me for a renewed heart towards others. Love y'all, thankful for you and your prayers and support. 



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