Advent and Updates

 This is the time of year that throughout a big chunk of church history, Christians celebrate the season of Advent. I'm working through a book right now called Advent that asserts that we would do well to remember this time of our calendar each year, and use it as a time to reflect and take stock of the reasons the world needs the incarnation, both the one that happened at Jesus' birth and the return to come where all will be set right. 

It's continually been hitting the right notes for me in this year where much is happening and much of it is challenging. I'm remembering through this season that what we need now as the church is a deep seated expectation for that second coming, where as Revelation says, heaven will come down to earth, and we know the kingdom of God that started with Jesus will be brought to bear fully in a renewed creation. I hope you will joining me in reflecting on our hope and our expectation for that future in the midst of all the things that we are confronted with in the time we're in. I believe it's through that hope and expectation that we are emboldened to go out and be at work for God's desires in our world. 

Ministry updates:

We just are coming to the close of our fall semester, and we've had a really great last couple of months! We have our small groups listen to a sermon together every week, and our series we've been doing has been just on the gospel. It's the basics of what we believe and why we believe in Jesus. It's been refreshing and good for our community. 

This week I get the privilege to sit and listen to the sermons done by our FOCUS Apprentices. These are people who've committed to ten months of learning firsthand what being a minister on a college campus consists of, and this sermon they give always has a lot of encouraging and inspiring stories of God's work in their ministry. I'm looking forward to it!

Uniquely this year, since we've been utilizing zoom and phone calls much more, we're seeing the opportunities for our core groups and 1-1s to still be much more involved over the school break. This can be a really good blessing, so be praying for the students to make time for each other and staying plugged into the community of God as they spend time resting and with their families.

Life Updates:

Nicole and I are expecting! She is currently a little over a third of the way to term, and we are both so excited to welcome a baby boy in June! Please prayer for health and safety for her and the baby in these last remaining months. 

Thank you guys so much for your support, prayers, and all that you do for God that I don't get to hear about. (I'd love to hear about it though!) Let me know if there is any way I can be praying for you in the coming weeks. 



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