Spring and an Exciting Announcement!

 Hello all! Today is a great day for an update right? It's been too long. 

First, for those of you who do not know, my wife Nicole and I are expecting our first! 

It's a boy, and we're expecting him June 1st, so we've got about a third of the pregnancy left! It's an exciting time and we're really ready to see what this next chapter will be like. Neither of us have raised a child yet (obviously) so please be praying for us as we begin! We're so grateful for a healthy and relatively smooth pregnancy so far. 

We're also trying to figure out our next housing situation, and trying to find an opportunity for buying somewhere here in Denton and really putting down some roots as we look towards more years here serving on these college campuses. We haven't had any luck yet securing a home, but we're in process of looking and making offers so prayers for that would also be much appreciated. 

On the campus ministry front, things are going really well! Our cores have continued to meet in person socially distanced and we're still able to do a sermon every week virtually. Again, since so much of our focus is on 1-1 ministry where you engage on this journey of discipleship with another person, that has allowed us to remain consistent in our ability to still do a lot of what we would in a normal year, we're just missing our big get togethers on campus for worship every week and looking forward to that returning to our weekly schedule soon. The group of guys I meet with every week this year, our student leaders and students in the small groups are all excited to get back to those big group things as well, so we're praying for that to  be something we are able to do again soon, just like I know so many people during this time are praying for similar things. 

Looking ahead, we have a lot of exciting things coming! This week I spent a good amount time on a team interviewing 20ish applicants for our 10 month staff apprenticeship program for this next year. It was a really neat opportunity not only to hear their stories and the ways God has been leading them towards committing to ministry for a year, but also to get excited for the next year and the key people looking to join our teams in the fall.

Thank you never goes without saying so let me very clear. I am extraordinarily grateful for all of you who give and pray and believe in what God is doing on the college campuses. I'm unable to do this without you, and every time I think of you I'm so thankful. 


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