Next on the List: Summer and a Son

 We're back to summer! 

Denton FOCUS just finished the end of our Spring 2021 semester, and we went out with a bang after a year that started all spread out into little groups. 

Our end of the year Denton FOCUS party

We got to do our end of the year party all together! Our small group and 1-1 ministries thrived in the midst of the pandemic but there's nothing like a big group gathering where you can see everyone in the community together and fellowship. We're thankful we at least got to do this at the end of the year.

We're also looking forward to this summer. We're doing Summer FOCUS on Thursday nights all together (not just denton but all the campuses across DFW) We're all ready to see everyone back together worshipping and learning at that, so be praying for that to be a good way to build some momentum back up for the fall, and that we stay safe!

These are all the student leaders that we had on our small group team this year. So many people! They each co-lead a small group of students and meet with them 1-1. They truly are the backbone of this ministry and we as a staff team would be able to do so much less without their constant serving and facilitating throughout the year. 

Our Denton staff team this past year!

Drew and I fulfilling the grill master role. 

A couple pics from the nursery we're now done setting up! Jude Owen is on his way very soon! We're expecting him to be born in the next couple of weeks. Please be praying for a safe delivery, healthy baby boy, and for Nicole and I as we transition to being new parents! 

Thanks all for your constant prayer and support, it means the world to me!


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