March Update

 Hey all,

Time for another update! I hope you've been well and enjoying this transition to Spring! 

It's been a really good semester here at UNT and TWU FOCUS. God has given us a solid community of about 200 people this year, which is a small slice in the grand scheme of things, but its a group of students who are coming and learning about Jesus and building relationship with people through discipleship and community. 

I've been spending a lot of time investing 1-1 in our student leaders and Denton pastoral staff team this year. Each week presents new opportunities to talk through their discipleship, talk through their leadership with students who come to their small group and who they meet 1-1 with. While our ministry does spend a lot of time on the "small side" of ministry, e.g. studying the Bible 1-1 and small groups, it's also important to give our students a large group experience every week that looks something like a church experience for them right on campus. We call these meetings Thursday Night Fellowship, and it gathers all of our UNT and TWU students together. Here's a few pictures from the large group side of our ministry

Our fellowship meetings consist of worship, a sermon, and time vision casting for them to meet with students and be involved in community. Here's a snapshot during worship. 

We had a hangout after our fellowship where students ate oatmeal and listened to live jazz by some our musician students. It was a great time. 

Our worship band preparing for our fellowship meeting

We've been having trouble getting a room on campus this past year, but God provided for us with finally finding a good room, so an answered prayer there!

Prayer requests:

- For our relationship with the campuses we work on. They can sometimes be frustrating and hard to deal with but we want to maintain good working relationships with them despite that. We are committed to be present on campus with the students. 

- For this season of my job and ministry, I need prayer for wisdom and energy. Leading a team of staff people is new and challenging still, along with having a baby. Prayers for this exciting and difficult time are very appreciated. 

My favorite recent photo of Jude. He's 9 months now! Crazy how fast it's going. 

May you have a blessed and flourishing life as you follow God and love people around you. 

Ryan Bristow


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